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Optical Drive Repair :

Stellar Components offers Optical Drive repairs on all major manufacturers product by factory trained technicians. Including products by:

1.Maxoptix (Models T7-9100, TMT7-9100, T6-5200*, TMT6-5200*, T5-2600*. TMT5-2600*, T4-2600, T4-1300, T3-1300),

2. Sony (Models SMO-F561, SMO-F551, SMO-541, SMO-F531),

3. HP (C1113M, C1114M, C1113J, C1114J, C1113F, C1114F, C1716T, C1300T, C2550T),

4. Pioneer (Models DE-UH9101, DE-UH7101), and

5. Panasonic (Models LF-7012, LF-7394).

Magneto-optical (MO) drives are extremely reliable for recording data. These drives check information after writing it to the disc, and can report any problems immediately. This form of media is extremely durable and reliable.

MO drives are often used for storing legal documents and medical images because high reliability and long data life are necessary in these applications. Data written to CDs and DVDs degrade after only a few years, where data stored on MO discs can last 50 years or more. That is because of the particular technology used in these drives. The medium is heated to 300 degrees centigrade, and the writing itself is done with a laser guided magnet. The laser beam reads the media by detecting the polarization of the micro magnets on the media. MO written data is considered to be almost wear-proof. But sometimes an optical drive repair is necessary.

Data storage has a critical role in business applications from hospitals to schools to governments. Your company's IT manager needs to work with optical drive repair specialists who can provide data storage solutions that work for your particular needs. Z-source sells and can in most cases provide optical drive repair for Maxoptix optical drives and Maxoptix optical media. Maxoptix no longer manufactures magneto-optical (MO) drives, however Z-source can still perform Maxoptix MO drive repair equivalent to that of the original factory specs.

Z-source offers optical drive repair on all major manufacturers' products. This includes optical drive repair on the following models by Maxoptix, Sony, HP, Pioneer, and Panasonic. These are precision quality optical drive repairs on most Magneto Optical and Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) drives of all sizes. We can do laser replacements if necessary, and can often repair hard-to-find or older optical drives.

That means when your MO drive needs repair, you need absolute, rock-solid reliability in an optical drive repair service. Z-source is now the only MO drive repair service that can give you factory-equal repairs on MaxOptix drives. We also repair many other brands of optical drives with factory-trained technicians who know just how important the integrity of your data can be.

Purchase of Product :
Stellar components is interested in purchasing working excess or failed in the field defective optical drives.

Z-source can perform MO drive repair on even badly damaged drives, but not every broken MO drive is repairable. Z-source has an extensive stock of drives for sale to get your critical data storage process back in service quickly. MaxOptix MO drives were designed to preserve your vital data for over 50 years in a protective cartridge that is unaffected by environmental conditions like dust and magnetic fields that can cause problems with tape and hard disks. MaxOptix drives meet or exceed government data storage regulations, such as HIPPAA regulations. At Z-source we understand that when you work in a demanding industry like banking, government, finance, or medicine, you can't afford to wait a long time for your optical drive repairs.

MaxOptix MO drives provide up to 9.1 GB per disk available in both internal SCSI and external SCSI versions, and Z-source is the only optical drive repair providers that can equal factory repairs. It isn't worth it to risk your MaxOptix drives to third party repair providers. If you use MO drives, it's because you need long-lasting data storage and can't trust your valuable data to other media that degrade quickly.

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