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Maxoptix Media

Maxoptix Media
The information age is here. It is an age where access to information means advancement, enrichment and power. It is an age that has shifted from storing megabytes to gigabytes, and that means this is the age of optical storage, because only optical can store so much information, so fast, so reliably, and for so little money.

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Maxoptix MaX-EP Media Info SheetFor high-capacity and reliable data storage, optical media should be your storage choice. With its archival quality, your data is safely stored for a lifetime. Maxoptix optical media offers archival quality and a lifetime warranty.

We give you the widest selection of any media supplier.
Media for a lifetime
All Maxoptix optical media have an archival (shelf) life that is greater than 30 years without any special storage requirements, such as rigorous temperature and humidity standards. Maxoptix certifies that the disc is free from read - write errors caused by defects in material and manufacture for the lifetime of the disc.

High quality at a moderate cost
Plug in our enhanced polycarbonate cartridges to satisfy a wide range of general computing applications, including use in PCs, workstations, and network storage. Lightweight and well suited for jukebox applications, MaX-EP enhanced polycarbonate disks spin-up and spin-down fast while reducing stress on jukebox assemblies. Anti-static coating reduces dust accumulation.

Why Optical?
Here is perfect media for the information age. Carry more than a gigabyte of information on one standard 5.25" removable cartridge? Need more? Simply plug in another cartridge. Want millions of reads and writes without losing performance? Choose our rewritable media. Need archival storage? Choose our write-once media. Need high performance? Optical storage supports access speeds and transfer rates that are competitive with Winchester magnetic storage. Need faster speed? Choose our direct over-write LIMDOW media.

Seven ways to evaluate optical media.
A leading supplier of both optical drives and media, Maxoptix knows what makes one disk better than another. When comparing media specifications, here are seven things to look for:

1. Disk flatness
is critical to maintain laser focus on the disk. Axial runout tests measure the peak-to-peak or 'up and down' motion of the disk parallel to the axis of rotation.

2. Tilt is a localization measurement of disk flatness. Too much tilt causes distortion of the laser beam.

3. Our track pitch variation specification has become an industry standard. By stabilizing track pitch, Maxoptix can use a position-mode seeking technique that keeps servos active during seek. The result: significantly faster seek times.

4. Maxoptix was the first optical disk supplier to specific 3m sec 2 for radial acceleration, 10m sec2 for axial acceleration. These measurements indicate a flatter, better-centered disk that improves actuator performance.

5. Write/erase sensitivity testing determines the degree of laser power needed to read, write, or erase. Our typical signal to noise ratio dB is greater than 45. We specify erase/write/read cycles to be greater than 10 to the eighth power.

6. Byte error rate testing assesses the number of errors when writing data bits on the disk. Although error correction can recover data, bit errors can slow data retrieval speed. Our byte error rate is better than 1x10-5.

7. Media clarity. Debris and contamination can, however, cause defects in a polycarbonate substrate that reduce clarity. For this reason, we specify MO (magneto-optical) grade polycarbonate. This enhanced polycarbonate has fewer impurities, a lower defect rate, and a broader environmental range.

Maxoptix optical cartridges are compatible with all ISO standard optical drives from leading manufacturers.

More than media
Maxoptix offers a complete line of optical storage products, including storage systems, drives, media, cleaning cartridges, cleaners and kits.

The Maxoptix cartridge cleaning kit includes a cartridge-holder that holds the cartridge shutter open for convenient disk access, special non-abrasive cleaning pads, cleaning fluid, and disk-rotating knob.

Technical Specification:
5.25" Rewritable Media


5.2GB - 2048 Bytes/Sector


4.8GB - 1024 Bytes/Sector


4.1GB - 512 Bytes/Sector


2.6GB - 1024 Bytes/Sector


2.3GB - 512 Bytes/Sector


1.3GB - 1024 Bytes/Sector


1.2GB - 512 Bytes/Sector


1.0GB - 1024 Bytes/Sector


900MB - 512 Bytes/Sector


650MB - 1024 Bytes/Sector


600MB - 512 Bytes/Sector

WORM Media


800MB WORM media

5.25" CCW Media


5.2GB - 2048 Bytes/Sector


4.8GB - 1024 Bytes/Sector


4.1GB - 512 Bytes/Sector


2.6GB - 1024 Bytes/Sector


2.3GB - 512 Bytes/Sector


1.3GB - 1024 Bytes/Sector


1.2GB - 512 Bytes/Sector

3.5" Rewritable Media


640MB - 2048 Bytes/Sector


540MB - 1024 Bytes/Sector


230MB - 512 Bytes/Sector

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