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Maxoptix Drives and Media

Data is the lifeblood of business. In the past decade, data storage has assumed an increasingly important role. IT managers and business executives are looking for partners who can help them manage storage resources – not just to store, access and protect data, but to decide how best to use that data to achieve measurable benefits that include increased productivity, security and cost savings.

Z-Source is the educated and experienced storage partner that you have been looking for. Z-Source has the document imaging and storage solutions you need. Our product lines include scanners, Maxoptix optical drives and Maxoptix optical media products. Our team consists of sales and support specialists who are there to answer your most technical questions and provide complete pre- and post-sales help. We can help you select the appropriate solutions for current storage needs and plan for future capacity.

Maxoptix Optical Drives UDO 60GB
Maxoptix T7-9100 and TMT7-9100 Optical Drive
You need high capacity data protection that is removable and easy to use. And you need that data protection... Maxoptix Optical Drives
plasmon UDO 30GB
optical media UDO2
Maxoptix MaxOptical Media
Magneto optical (MO) technology gives you the reliable and removable data protection you need for your high ... Magneto optical
MediScribe Media WORM
imaging solutions
Ricoh IS450DEr
The Ricoh IS450DE VRS incorporates VRS (VirtualReScan) technology which eliminates the need for rescanning ... Ricoh IS450DE VRS
UDO 30 GB UDO2 60 GB

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