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Sony SMO-F551
Factory Recertified
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Sony SMO-F551 5.2GB Internal H/H Optical Drive
Magneto Optical (MO) technology gives you the reliable and removable data protection you need for your high capacity files and long term storage needs.


Sony SMO-F551 8X MO drive is compatible with ISO format 5.25 inch MO disk, therefore it allows access to old data which maybe on 1st or 2nd generation media. And the drive also accepts CCW(Continuous Composite Write-once) disks for many purposes and applications.

Overview for SMO-F551

Having been the leader in 5.25-inch MO technology for over ten years, Sony proudly presents the latest in its MO drive line-up, with the highest performance and more reliability than ever.

At 5.2 GBytes, the SMO-F551 is ideal for data intensive applications such as document imaging, CAD/CAM, graphic design and database processing. The drive offers total reliability with an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 100, 000 Power on Hours and an MSBF (Mean Swaps Before Failure) of over 750, 000. It will perform well in the most demanding of information technology environments, whether standalone desktop or high-end network.

Sony smof551 has a generous 4MB buffer memory is controlled by Sony's unique S-Cache algorithm. S-Cache includes sophisticated and proprietary data buffer/caching algorithms and features a high performance RISC CPU. Thus, the S-Cache is the perfect compliment to the high data transfer rates brought about by the drive's fast rotational speed.

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