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Maxoptix T7-9100 and TMT7-9100 Optical Drive
Factory Recertified
ZSource Price: $1,650
Maxoptix T7-9100 and TMT7-9100 Optical Drive
Magneto Optical (MO) technology gives you the reliable and removable data protection you need for your high capacity files and long term storage needs.

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The Challenge
You need high capacity data protection that is removable and easy to use. And you need that data protection from a company you can trust. You need data protection found in the MaxOptix™ Magneto Optical technology from Breece Hill.

The Solution
Magneto Optical (MO) media provides a durable, reliable, high capacity storage medium. In fact, it offers the world’s safest storage method. Breece Hill’s T7 MO drive delivers 9.1 GB of removable, high capacity storage media to keep your data safe for 30 years or more. Its fast 25 ms access time and more data storage capacity and reduced backup windows. The T7 is backward compatible. supporting previous generations of ISO standard media. It can compress rewriteable (RW), manufacturing media (LIMDOW) and write once (CCW) WORM media to 2.3GB cartridges and
reads lower capacity media from 600MB to 1.3GB.

In its seventh generation, the T7 delivers exceptional reliability, with a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of up to 100,000 Power-On Hours (POH) and a Mean Insertions Between Failure (MIBF) of more than 750,000 cycles. The T7 uses an industry-standard SCSI connection, so you just plug it into any network, drag and drop the files you want to store and start saving your data. It’s that simple.

Technical Specification:
Capacity Read/Write Type
9.1GB (14x) Yes MO, CCW
5.2GB (8x) Yes MO, CCW
4.8GB (8x) Yes MO, CCW
4.1GB (8x) Yes MO, CCW
2.6GB (4x) Yes MO, CCW
2.3GB (4x) Yes MO, CCW
1.3GB (2x) Read only MO, CCW
1.2GB (2x) Read only MO, CCW
650MB (1x) Read only MO, CCW
600MB (1x) Read only MO, CCW

Cache   Seek Time  Data Rates Spin Up / Down SCSI Connectors
8 mb 25 ms Async. SCSI Max 3.0 MB/s
Sync., SCSI Fast 10.0 MB/s
Raw Sustained Rate 6.14 MB/s to 3.07 MB/s (9.1GB media)
Sustained Rate 5.84 MB/s to 2.87 MB/s (8.6 GB media)
Up 5.5 sec
Down 3.5 sec
1-50 Pin Ribbon (Internal Drive)
2-50 Pin High Density (External Drive)

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